Monthly Archives: April 2022

6/1/2022: The Ever Changing Landscape of the Taxation of IRAs

The Treasury Department has issued a 275-page set of Proposed Regulations that attempt to clarify many of the RMD issues resulting from SECURE. Included are a number of surprising provisions, some favoring taxpayers and some not. In addition, in March, the House of Representatives passed their version of what has become known as SECURE 2.0 and the Senate is likely to move on this shortly. Secure 2.0 is designed to expand retirement savings thus making it likely that the taxation issues will become even more important in the future. The seminar will focus on the present and proposed future tax consequences arising from IRA contributions and distributions including a discussion of potential planning opportunities. Participants must have a basic knowledge of the Income and Estate Tax Rules relating to IRA contribution, distribution and ownership.

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6/29/2022: Mid-Year Income Tax Update: Federal and New York State

With the experience of the 2021 filing season behind us, it is time to move on to the rules for 2022 and beyond. President Biden has proposed certain changes and the New York State Legislature has already passed their present budget which contains even more changes to the PTET. This seminar will cover those as well as many other Federal and New York State tax rulings and modifications that are important to understand. We will also focus on the issues that will impact future planning and transactions. Participants must have a basic knowledge of Federal and NYS income taxation.

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7/27/2022: Estate Planning Update: Are we looking at a repeat performance?

There are a number of proposals that once again could change the world of estate planning. Provisions to eliminate many of the most utilized estate planning techniques are at the forefront. Until changes actually occur, there is still time to plan! The seminar will focus on the present and future tax environments surrounding estate planning. We will highlight actions that can and should be taken now before any changes are implemented. In addition, we will discuss the many non-tax implications that must be considered in estate planning. Participants must have a basic knowledge of Estate and Gift taxation.

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