I have been attending the Katz Tax Seminar for over 15 years.  I find their content and presentation are always relevant and never boring.  I try my hardest not to miss any of their seminars.

Michael D. Katz, CPA, ATA

Going to seminars is something that is mandated by our profession.  Katz Tax Seminars has always been extremely informative, interactive and engaging.  The professors have kept my attention, made me laugh, and provided me and my co-workers with the knowledge we attended the seminars for.  I would highly recommend the seminars to business associates.

Lisa Treglia

I have been attending the Katz Tax seminars for 15 years and have found the information presented invaluable to me as a CPA and extremely useful in my practice as a partner of the firm. The handouts become a tool and a resource to use in my practice and to assist our staff and all of our clients. I can only imagine the hard work the Katz’s spend in putting this information together and can honestly say these seminars are above all the rest.

Scott Sanders, CPA, PFS, CGMA, CFP, CFS
Gettry Marcus CPA, P.C.

The expertise of the speakers, especially Neil Katz, makes the seminars VERY worthwhile. Neil has a way of breaking down even the most complicated subject to make it easy to understand.

Aldo Treglia, CPA
Raisman CPA PC