Monthly Archives: October 2020

12/2/2020: Personal Tax Update 2020

This webinar will provide participants with the most current information available regarding the preparation of the 2020 Federal Individual Income Tax returns. We will highlight the changes that result from the provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the SECURE Act and the CARES Act. We will also discuss the latest developments related to personal income tax that have come from court cases and government pronouncements. Participants must have a basic knowledge of Federal personal income tax rules.

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12/10/2020: Business Tax Update 2020

New to our year end lineup for 2020, this webinar will focus on business taxation as it relates to individuals and entities. We will discuss the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and CARES Act provisions that specifically impact businesses. Among the topics to be discussed will be Section 199A, Net Operating Losses, Business Loss limits, Basis, as well as Passive Loss and At Risk Limitations. All forms of business entities will be discussed during this webinar. Participants must have a basic knowledge of the business provisions related to Federal personal income tax and the Federal tax rules for Partnerships, LLCs and Corporations.

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