Monthly Archives: July 2020

9/9/20: The Time to (Estate) Plan is Now! What the CPA needs to know to properly advise clients

Between the upcoming election, and the cost to the Government of the COVID-19 responses, there is a great amount of discussion about raising taxes in the future. The estate, gift and GST tax rules, with the large exemptions that presently exist, are ripe for modification. The webinar will focus on the present and future tax environments surrounding estate planning. We will highlight actions that can and should be taken now before any changes are implemented. In addition, we will discuss the many non-tax implications that must be considered in estate planning. Participants must have a basic knowledge of Estate and Gift taxation.

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9/22/20: (A Little Later Than) Mid-Year Tax Update

This webinar will cover the many Federal tax issues that have arisen during this difficult year of 2020. In addition to the Secure Act (passed in late 2019) and the CARES Act (passed in 2020 in response to COVID-19), the Federal Government has been busy addressing issues that still linger from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. As these federal rules have advanced, New York State has taken certain positions which will impact our clients as well. During this webinar we will focus on these changes to prepare you for your planning discussions with your clients as their fiscal years come to an end. Participants must have a basic knowledge of Federal and NYS income taxation.

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